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A man who views the world the same at fifty as he did at twenty has wasted thirty years of his life.

Age is whatever you think it is. You are as old as you think you are.

He who is not courageous enough to take risks will accomplish nothing in life.

I hated every minute of training, but I said, “Don’t quit. Suffer now and live the rest of your life as a champion

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Small Is…

Small is the new big thing…Now

Paddy Sharma

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Where You Want To Be?

Where you want to be next year?

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I Achieve It…

I have vision to achieve my targets….Paddy Sharma

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This is sample post

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Paddy Sharma, Paddy Sharma Images, Paddy Sharma Award Pics

paddy sharma, Paddy Sharmas Wins

Paddy Sharma

Paddy Sharma, Paddy Sharma Atlanta

Paddy Sharma Award Pics

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Paddy Sharma Sample Post

This is Paddy sharma from Atlanta

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Paddy Sharma’s Mobile Marketing Best Practices for Students

The days of prospective students being on desktops or even laptops is slowly fading away, due to the mobile application (apps, iPhone, etc). Nielsen recently reported that mobile application usage was up 72% this year (26 million current users) and this will surely continue to grow. So, how do you reach/market to them?

First, students do expect institutions to meet their needs via I-phones/smart phones, etc, not only do they expect it, but they expect it to be the same as if they were on their laptop/desktop.

The key here is to provide instant access to event and financial information via a mobile application. However, if you really want to get ahead, offer promotional information through these applications only, offer something that is not on the “standard” website. Next, encourage students to use their mobile app and link to their mobile app through the website. Also, offer mobile app downloads directly from your website.

One thing with the mobile apps would be to load it up with “fun” content such as directions to dining halls, closest internet or “WiFi” cafes on campus. A very good idea I read about that The University of Oxford is doing is drawing podcasts directly from Apple’s iTunes, that is ahead of the game thinking!

There are predictions out there that close to half of all cell phone purchases by 2014 will be smart phones, it would be best to be ahead of the game and market to those prospective students now.


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Paddy Sharma – Marketing Executive Paddy Sharma…

The program included Dr. Paddy Sharma, current president of the Rotary Club of Emory-Druid Hills, conducting the Call to Order, introducing the guests and presenting the pins and badges to the charter members.

Officers: President- Dr. Paddy Sharma, President Elect- Nitin Shah, President Nominee-Lawrence Sharp, Jr., Secretary: Past President- Upendra Bhatt, Asst. Secretary- Ganesh Kumar, Treasurer- Dr. Jayesh Sheth, Asst. Treasurer- Harish Iyer; Sergeant-at-Arms- Naveen Shroff.

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Paddy Sharma wins Georgia Minority Business Award | Dr Paddy Sharma

Atlanta, GA: Atlanta based Data point systems Inc. owned by an Indian American was selected for the prestigious Georgia Minority Business Technology Industry Award at the 12th annual Awards dinner and conference organized by the Atlanta Business Journal magazine. Dr. Paddy Sharma, President & CEO of Data point, received the award amidst thunderous applause at a fully packed dinner conference in the august presence of leading business owners and other eminent dignitaries of Atlanta on February 19, 2009 at Georgia International Convention Center, College Park. Curtis J. Matin, Partner, Mozley, Finlayson, & Loggins, LLP presented the award to Dr. Paddy.

The Georgia Minority Business Awards embraces all people regardless of their ethnicity, races and culture. The 12th Annual Georgia Minority business Awards is instituted recognize and reward the achievement of Georgia based Minority businesses. The Georgia Minority Business Awards (GMBA) Technology Industry Award presented to Dr. Paddy Sharma this year was in recognition of her accomplishments as head of a small business. Belonging to a multi cultural/minority background, Dr Paddy Sharma had achieved successful business growth and represents the technology of the future. Dr. Paddy Sharma is the founder and CEO of Atlanta based Data point Systems, INC., a full service IT staffing firm that specializes in staff augmentation, software development and software training. Data Point systems serves medium to large corporations through out the USA.

Dr. Paddy is well known in business as well as social circles in Atlanta. She is very active in the community and holds many key positions. She is the current chairman of board of directors of IACA (India America Cultural

Association), an umbrella organization of Indian community here. She is also a trustee Clayton State University Foundation, trustee of Sanatan Mandir, Chairman of fund raising committee of Hindu Temple of Atlanta, Riverdale, president of Global Teachers, Research & Resources Inc. (GTRR) and serves on the Emory Board of Visitors. Dr. Paddy Sharma received many awards from community organizations for her commitment and dedicated service to the community. Dr. Paddy Sharma also received an ‘Outstanding Georgia Citizen’ proclamation presented by the Secretary of state of Georgia on 5th day Feb, 2009. The citation on the proclamation reads “Karen C. Handel, secretary of Georgia State proclaimed Dr. Paddy Sharma as an outstanding Georgia citizen.

May this outstanding citizen be afforded every courtesy as a good will ambassador from Georgia in her travels to other states, to nations beyond the borders of the United States of America, or where ever she may here after travels or reside”. Secretary, Georgia state signed on 5th day of February, A.D. 2009. It brings Atlanta Indian community a great honor and pride.

The Georgia Minority Business Awards are now 12 years old and is acknowledged as one of the most prestigious annual award given to those CEOs and businesses that made outstanding contributions in developing and promoting diversity in businesses especially minority businesses.

This event is designed to provide an excellent opportunity for local, national, and international businesses to network and develop business relationships. It is the melting pot for a diverse group of people, races, and cultures. The awards program recognizes a wide range of businesses and business leaders that exemplify leadership, commitment and professional growth, have a major impact on business and have demonstrated diversity in the workplace.

Businesses will immensely benefit from attending this prestigious event as it presents the rare opportunity to connect with chamber members, CEO’s, non-profit organizations, political leaders and organizations from various industries all in one evening.

Prior to the award’s dinner presentation, a reception was held in honor of the awardees. Lockheed Martin, Bank of North Georgia, Sam’s Club, 1st Choice Credit Union, Wachovia/Wells Fargo Bank, Comcast, Holiday Inn Select and the law firm of Mozley, Finlayson & Loggins cosponsored the 2009 Georgia Minority business Awards.


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